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Here’s How You’ll Use Your MIND To Win Fights In The Stylish MIND≒0


MIND (Mental Inside Nobody Dolls) are summons that will be helping you fight in Acquire’s upcoming dark stylish PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler. They might be useful in fights, but knowing how to use them properly will be the key of survival, as they can also have negative effects if you’re not careful.


The battles will consist of keeping a close eye on your LP/MP, Calling out MIND and also sending them back.  The LP (Life Point) indicates the player’s health, while MP stands for MIND Point, which is a display of the MIND’s vitality.


The MIND have very high power. There will be some enemies that won’t take much damage from regular player attacks, but using a MIND’s attack can do great damage to even the toughest foes. You can also call them out for a MIND Guard ability, which uses them to shield the players from attacks. While being shielded, you won’t lose any LP, but you will lose MP to make up for it, so it might not always be the best idea depending on the situation.


If you don’t call out a MIND, you will take direct damage from enemies. Taking enough large amounts of damage can put you in a critical condition. However, sometimes you’ll have to make these sacrifices, as your MP gradually recovers when you don’t have a MIND out. Additionally, you can also use Charge, Item and Escape commands that may help out in different cases while you’re left without a MIND.


As previously mentioned, the MIND can help out in many offensive and defensive ways, but there’s also a risk involved if you’re not careful. While the MIND is out, it will gradually decrease its MP, and taking damage or using the MIND Guard ability will also take away from it. When it hits zero, the “MIND Break” occurs.


When a MIND Break happens, not only the character won’t be able to call out MINDs for a while, not only that but they’ll also be limited in terms of action. If all three party members are in a MIND Break status, it will take several turns until any of them can summon a MIND, which could mean trouble when facing tough foes.


MIND≒0 is slated for release on August 1st for PlayStation Vita.


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