See the First Trailer for the Persona: Phantom of the Night Mobile Game


A short trailer for the Persona: Phantom of the Night mobile game is available on the official Weibo page. If you have a VPN, you must turn it off before accessing it. The page will not load if your VPN is active. The trailer, which is almost four minutes long and available from Weibo or the official site, shows off the main characters and gameplay.

For those who have played Persona 5 or Royal, a lot of the scenes are likely very familiar. It uses the same map of Tokyo, as well as many of the same assets from the game. We can see the main character, a girl named Arai who sits in front of the protagonist (like Ann does), and a strange owl-like creature (like Morgana). The owl’s name is Lufer and, like Morgana, he can transform into a car when they explore Mementos. Iwai will return as the weapons dealer, and there is a quick shot of Takemi walking behind the main character. The story will still center on immoral adults and the Persona users who enter their hearts to rehabilitate them. As well, the battle system will incorporate elements from Royal, such as Baton Pass.

Here are some screenshots of Persona: Phantom of the Night:

Beta testing for the game has opened up and will last until March 29, 2023. Perfect World, the developer behind Persona: Phantom of the Night, previously announced that it was working on a Persona-based mobile game in April 2021. Perfect World is a Chinese-based company known for its Perfect World series of MMORPGs and, recently, Tower of Fantasy. Persona: Phantom of the Night appears to be one that you can play on its own though.

The Persona: Phantom of the Night game is in development for mobile devices.

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