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Here’s What Destroyer Trillion Borrowed From The Disgaea Series



Considering that Disgaea 4 staff is behind the designs of Compile Heart’s Destroyer Trillion, it comes as no surprise to see some similarities. The official website has been updated with one in particular, and it reminds us a lot of Disgea’s Reincarnation system.



When a Demon Lord turns into a new “Subjugation Candidate” (or class) they won’t have to start over from zero, as their powers get stored in what’s known as the “Ruler’s Ring,” and will carry onto the next class.


The feature is similar to the Reincarnation or Transmigration system seen throughout the Disgaea series, where a character “reincarnates” into another class at level 1, but with better stats, along with weapon mastery and abilities from the previous class.


In Destroyer Trillion, the Demon Lords will carry over a percentage of their experience gained, along with accessories and Demon Seals they’ve acquired during their upbringing, so they’ll become a new class, but will carry over a good amount of what they previously had.


Since Demon Lords can go into the roguelike training dungeon, called the Valley of the Thousand Blades, it sounds like this feature will be just another useful feature in making stronger Demon Lords to eventually take on the final boss, Trillion.


Destroyer Trillion is slated for release in Japan on May 21, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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