Hololive Hologra Episode 200 Stars Gawr Gura

Hololive Hologra Episode 200 Stars Gawr Gura

On the first day of Hololive Super Expo 2023, Cover teased that the 200th episode of the Holo no Graffiti anime, also known as Hologra, would star Gawr Gura. Now the episode is live. It also stars Shiranui Flare and Yozora Mel. Hakui Koyori and Nekomata Okayu make cameo appearances as well.

The episode appears with Gura finally getting to the Hololive office. However, before she does, she spears a piece of pink poop. Flare instructs her to clean her spear up. While being lectured by the member of Hololive Fantasy, her instincts take over.

Here’s the full Hololive Hologra 200th episode “Gawr Gura Gnawing.” Official English subtitles are available if you turn closed captions on.

The end of the episode teases the next member of Hololive EN Myth to debut on the show. 201 will star Amelia Watson. That means all five genmates will have appeared on it since getting their 3D models. Ninomae Ina’nis was first to appear. After that, Kiara Takanashi showed up in an episode. The Calliope Mori one showed up after that.

Cover didn’t announce an air date for the Amelia Watson episode of Hologra just yet. An official playlist allows people to go back through past episodes on YouTube.

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