Hololive x Don Quijote Merch Includes 31 Mochidoru Dolls

Hololive Don Quijote

Hololive and Don Quijote are collaborating on a series of merchandise that are available for pre-order online. Customers will have until November 19, 2021 to put in their orders, and they will ship out in April 2022. In total, there are three types of Hololive goods that are a part of this Don Quijote collaboration. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Those who wish to purchase the products online can do so from the Hololive website. These items are also in physical Don Quijote storefronts. The prices are:

  • Mochidoru plushes (31 variations) – 3278 JPY
  • Acrylic stand (4 variations) – 1628 JPY
  • Can badge set (4 badges) – 1628 JPY

The mochidoru dolls depict the various Hololive members, ranging from Tokino Sora to Omaru Polka. For the acrylic stands, you can purchase Murasaki Shion, Houshou Marine, Shirogane Noel, or Yozora Mel. In addition, the can badges are of the same four girls. As these are products that are also in physical stores, pre-orders may end early if they run out of stock. This means they are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In other collaboration news, Hololive worked with Square Enix to promote Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Inugami Korone, Shirakami Fubuki, and Oozora Subaru streamed the game after its October 26, 2021 release. Inugami Korone is also a part of the upcoming PC title, Evil God Korone. This is a project with Vaka Game Magazine and ImCyan, who worked on Tsugunohi.

The various pieces of Hololive x Don Quijote merchandise are available online until November 19, 2021. They will ship out in April 2022.

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