For Honor Deals: PC Season Pass Available as Game is Released


With the game now released, For Honor is shaping up to be an important title for Ubisoft in 2017. We know Centurions and Ninja’s will be present in Ubisoft’s For Honor’s Season Pass along with 4 additional characters yet to be released. For those that have truly enjoy the game since Day 1  and have decided to commit to more content, the Season Pass has now been made available at a list price of $39.99.


The good news is now that the SKU has been made available, various digital retailers have introduced up to 15% off in price break on For Honor’s Season Pass for the PC/Uplay digital copy.  Along with the eventual upcoming character classes, this grants you 30 days of “Champion Status” along with some extra goodiesa nd perks (more below).


The places to find Season Pass deals are at GMG and GamesPlanet. In North America you should head over to GMG where that 15% discount cuts the price to $33.99. Similarly, if you’re in Europe you’ll find the price at £25.57 at GMG, but we’ll suggest picking up a copy at GamesPlanet instead who is selling the For Honor Season Pass at £25.49. Not a huge difference, but savings is savings.


Conversely, prices on the Standard, Deluxe, and Gold have adjusted somewhat across the region, and we’ve rounded up some of the current best For Honor deals listed below for reference. Note that the pre-order DLC pack bonus is no longer available given the game is now released.


For Honor PC Deals (Uplay) List % Off Sale Price
For Honor Season Pass (at GMG) $39.99 15% $33.99
For Honor Season Pass (at Gamesplanet) £29.99 15% £25.49
For Honor Gold Edition (GMG) $99.99 15% $84.99
For Honor Deluxe Edition (GMG) $69.99 15% $59.49
For Honor Standard (GMG) $59.99 15% $50.99
For Honor Gold Edition (UK/EU – GamesPlanet) £69.99 20% £55.99
For Honor Deluxe Edition (UK/EU – GamesPlanet) £49.99 20% £39.99
For Honor Standard (UK/EU – GamesPlanet) £39.99 18% £32.99


What’s in For Honor’s Season Pass?


If you already bought the Gold Edition of For Honor, there is no need to buy the Season Pass as its already included in that bundle. Two main benefits you’ll receive in the season pass are the premium content and early access to non-exclusive content:


  • 6 New Heroes
  • 6 Elite Outfits (one per new Hero)
  • 1 Exclusive Sunbeam Effect on emotes for all Heroes
  • 3 Exclusive Emblem Outlines
  • 30 Days Champion Status (+25% XP, extra Loot and more)
  • 3 Premium Scavenger Crates
  • 7 day early access to each new Heroes
  • Early access to new content revealed later on


As with most Season Passes, there’s a lot of commitment required by buying it this early in the game’s life. If you’ve enjoyed the game through the closed and open beta and have already exhausted hours into the game since its unlock last night, the 6 new characters may be worth the $33.99 discounted admission. If you haven’t enjoyed it enough to justify this price tag – or the current price tag for the Standard Edition of the game – we’d suggest checking back in 2-3 months to see if the game gets a bigger discount than the current 15% to 20% off savings.


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