For Honor PC vs Console, Deluxe, and Gold Deals


We’re about a week away from the official release of Ubisoft’s For Honor, but now the open Beta has become available for pre-load on all platforms. Starting February 9th, you can test the Medieval Knight v. Samurai v. Vikings title and if it’s up your alley you need not pay full price. For Honor iscounts are available worth 20% on all platforms if you know where to look.


The easiest platform to save on is PC. Green Man Gaming is running a 20% off instant discount slashing the price to $47.99 for the Standard Edition. The same percentage discount applies to the pricier Deluxe and Gold Editions, dropping them to $55.99 and $79.99 respectively. GMG is an authorized retailer for Ubisoft, so the same Legacy Battle Pack pre-order bonus is included which is basically exclusive Hero outfits. (Update: Deals are now 15% off as game is released.)


On console the discounts are still there, but do require a membership fee. The cheapest membership is Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked program, which nets you 20% off For Honor and future purchases of games there for $30 every 2 years. The same 20% off discount applies to Amazon Prime Members, but just keep in mind that membership is $100 every year (of course free 2-day shipping on everything might make Prime worth it… might).


PC Deals


Edition List % Off Sale Price
For Honor Gold Edition (Uplay) $99.99 15% $84.99
For Honor Deluxe Edition (Uplay) $69.99 15% $59.49
For Honor Standard Edition (Uplay) $59.99 15% $50.99


Console Deals


Edition List % Off Sale Price
For Honor Gold Edition (XOne, PS4 via Prime) $99.99 20% $79.99
For Honor Gold Edition (XOne, PS4 via GCU) $99.99 20% $79.99
For Honor Deluxe Edition (XOne, PS4 via GCU) $69.99 20% $55.99
For Honor Deluxe Edition (XOne, PS4 via Prime) $69.99 20% $55.99
For Honor Standard Edition (XOne, PS4 via Prime) $59.99 20% $47.99
For Honor Standard Edition (XOne, PS4 via GCU) $59.99 20% $47.99


Gold v. Deluxe v. Standard


With the discounts, does it make sense to dive in all the way and go Gold Edition? Everyone is different, so if you’ve been hyped for this game for ages go for Gold, but if you’re not sure here’s what you’ll be missing out from the Gold and Deluxe Editions.


The Deluxe Edition is basically the base game + extra customization options. Getting a cooler aesthetic feel to the game is a plus if you end up playing the game over and over, but if it turns out to be a dud or you stick to single player, you probably don’t need this. There’s also 7-Days of “Champion Status” which translates to extra loot after battles, exclusive champion emblems, and extra XP for yourself and others (helpful in multiplayer).


Gold gets you everything in the Deluxe plus the games Season Pass. What we do know about the Season Pass is that it’s all live starting February 14th except the 6 new characters and their outfits which you will be granted access to at a later date. These new characters will be released in the future in batches of two.


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