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How Create a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial and Get a Battle ID

How Create a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial and Get a Battle ID

As you go through Fire Emblem Engage’s campaign, the Tower of Trials and its Outrealm Trial eventually unlock. This is an opportunity to get competitive and pit your units against others, while also constructing something of a “base” for them to attack. You know, provided you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online. Once you’re done, you can save your work. You then get your Fire Emblem Engage Battle ID, which you can check at any time by heading to the Tower and Outrealm Trial’s Custom Battle section.

How Create a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial and Get a Battle ID

How to make a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial Custom Battle map and get your Battle ID

Well, first you need to unlock the game. Once you’ve gotten established and unlocked more of The Somniel, you’ll unlock more functions in the Tower of Trials. To be fair, I wasn’t regularly checking in at that end of the map, so I didn’t realize I’d opened it up until after leaving Elusia. (So by Chapter 12, I’d unlocked all Tower of Trials modes.)

To get your Fire Emblem Engage Battle ID, head to the Tower of Trials, select Outrealm Trial, and choose Custom Battle. From there, select Edit Map. You’ll be given a 10×22 space, with the ability to place 12 of your units on predesignated on the grid. (Make sure they are carrying the best weapons and you engraved them.) It is also possible to place terrain as elements to delay opponents’ approach, force your units to move in certain ways, and give you access to certain equipment or aid. You can place 15 kinds of terrain that increase avoidance, 10 sorts only fliers can pass over, 15 that are destructible, 15 that are impassable, 10 that decrease avoidance, three heal tiles, three protection tiles, one ballista, one magic artillery, and one flame cannon.

You don’t have to show that your selected army can be “defeated” to be able to save your map. However, you can’t make it so a character is unable to be reached. That is, you can’t take a mage like Citrinne and place four impassable items to her front, back, left, and right.

How Create a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial and Get a Battle ID

You also must know that all characters you placed as your “defensive” team can’t be used when you start a battle and go on the offensive. You will only be able to select the folks you didn’t select. Also, your own map will be your starting point, so you’ll need to fight your way past any destructible objects and use any placed defensive items like the ballista.

These are also AI battles. When you face an enemy, they can preset behaviors to determine when they attack and if they go on the defensive. Likewise, you set that for your own characters when creating the map. (Also, spoilers aside, Engage+ isn’t an option here.)

Whether you win or lose when you tackle the match, you get some sort of reward for your efforts. You can also save the person’s Profile Card. After the match is over, your rank will increase or decrease depending on your performance. Likewise, if people battle your map and you check view results, you can pick up rewards.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch. To see an example of an Outrealm Trial Custom Battle, my Fire Emblem Engage Battle ID is 3C7VK0D. Note that there are spoiler characters in my army.

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