How To Form A Party With Friends Or Without In Dragon Quest X



    While Dragon Quest X: Waking of the Five Tribes is an online game, Square Enix developed the game so it’s possible to play solo. If you want to explore Astordia alone you can recruit computer controlled partners at the pub. Players can select characters to join them who follow user select fight styles in battle.


    dqx-025[3] dqx-026[5] dqx-020[3] dqx-024[1]


    The characters at the pub are actually other players. You can leave your character at a pub for another player to borrow and even though the computer is controlling your hero you still earn experience points. If you want to get social you can talk to other players using preset messages. When someone invites you to a party you get to tell them how long you plan on playing. A character in these screenshots says s/he will play for an hour and if that’s not long enough you can rescind the invitation.


    dqx-003[2] dqx-004[7] dqx-010[1]


    You can create a party with a mix of human controlled characters and AI partners. There’s even a way to play with outer Dragon Quest X adventurers when you’re not in their group. If you see a team fighting a monster you can cheer them on to raise tension, which will allow them to deal more damage.




    Dragon Quest X has many familiar monsters like the Slime Tower in the screenshot above. Square Enix also created new monsters for the game. From left to right we have: Hell Conductor, Big Hat, and Green Scissors.


    dqx-029[2] dqx-027[6] dqx-028[1]


    These monsters are returning creatures from past Dragon Quest games. Square Enix plan to release Dragon Quest X for Wii next year and on Wii U at a later date.


    dqx-030[1] dqx-031[1] dqx-032[2] dqx-034[1] dqx-035[3] dqx-036[1] dqx-037[2] dqx-038[1] dqx-039[3]


    dqx-005[5] dqx-006[9] dqx-007[1] dqx-008[3] dqx-009[3] dqx-011[7] dqx-012[3] dqx-013[2] dqx-014[3] dqx-015[3] dqx-016[4] dqx-018[3] dqx-019[7]  dqx-002[2] dqx-021[4] dqx-022[2] dqx-023[1]

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