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How to Get 2 Pearls for the Coutume in Tchia

How to Get 2 Pearls for Coutume in Tchia

At the beginning of chapter two in Tchia, the first quest is to find two pearls for Tre for coutume to show appreciation for his help. However, you’re on a home floating in the middle of the ocean and, if you didn’t pick up the stamina-increase near Tchia’s home island, you might have drowned trying to find these items. While it can be a bit tricky, since the game doesn’t tell you how to find them, it isn’t too difficult.

You want to have Tchia jump into the ocean and dive to get the pearls for coutume. When she’s in the water, press X to descend and hold it until you reach the bottom. You’re looking for a big, pink clam. One is under Tre’s house, in the middle of the ocean floor. When you get close, you’ll see a white, circular indicator. The name “Clam Pearl” will also show up above it. Press the square button on a PS4 or PS5 controller to get it.
How to Get 2 Pearls for Coutume in Tchia
However, be careful! Tchia runs out of stamina quite quickly when diving underwater for pearls. You want to have at least six or seven stamina for your ascent back to the surface, or she will drown. She can float on the top of the water and swim without using stamina, so take advantage of that.

For the second clam pearl, swim a bit outward and you should find additional ones nearby.

How to Get 2 Pearls for Coutume in Tchia


Tchia is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. It is also on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium.

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