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Introducing Acquire’s Dark And Stylish Characters From MIND≒0



Acquire have recently opened their MIND≒0’s official website which gives us a closer look at the characters and their backgrounds.


A quick correction to our previous report, the names Yue Kotori and Shishi Asahina has been changed. The kanji reading was correct from the original source but Acquire went with a different reading style (for example, ‘Shishi’ is another word for lion, but the name ended up being ‘Leo’)


Kei Takanashi

Age: 17

008 009

Kei is the main character of MIND≒0. He is often misunderstood due to his cool nature, but in the end he’s the type of guy that can’t overlook anyone in trouble. Kei has a childhood friend and others that take good care of him, as trouble seems to find him every chance it gets.


Sana Chikage

Age: 16

010 011

A sporty girl who likes to move her body. She’s a straight-forward character who tends to act on impulse without realizing it. Sana has a strong sense of responsibility and is often relied upon by her classmates and teachers.


Leo Asahina

Age: 16


012 013

The cheerful high-spirited young man, who is also somewhat of a fool. He believes that the reason he grew taller is thanks to an infomercial product he purchased, a supplement pill called “Height Grooowth”. Unexpectedly, he has a very keen sense of perception and his guesses tend to be spot on.


He’s known Kei since Middle school and has always been considered bad company.


Yoichi Ogata

Age: Unknown (Around 40)


014 015

Yoichi is an adult with dignity, who can always be relied upon. He runs a detective agency and is often seen frowning. Despite his serious looks, he knows how to take a joke. While investigating a strange case regarding “MIND”, he met up with Kei and friends, then decided to work together with the kids. It is said that he has some sort of secret surrounding his past.


MIND≒0 is currently being developed for Playstation Vita and is slated for a summer release in Japan.

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