Kemono Friends Chatbot Lets You Chat With Miss AI Raccoon

Kemono Friends chatbot Common Raccoon
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An official chatbot for Kemono Friends is now live in Japan. Its name is AI Arai-san, which can loosely translate to “Miss AI Raccoon,” and it is based off of the Raccoon character from Kemono Friends. It uses ChatGPT technology as its base.

AI Arai-san also has its own Twitter account, which also uses AI for its tweets. As of the time of writing, it only made a tweet commenting on how it’s trending in Japan. The other tweets are ones to announce its existence. According to Trippy, the company that developed it, AI Arai-san talks like Raccoon does, rather than the typical language learning model. So it’s similar to how works.

In order to chat with AI Arai-san, you will need a LINE account. After adding it as a friend, you can start chatting with it immediately. However, it is important to note that AI Arai-san is not a free chatbot. Since it just launched, it’s free for three days (until May 28, 2023). After that, only the first 25 messages will be free. If you want to chat with AI Arai-san even more, then you have to pay a premium of 550 JPY per month. Then you can send it a hundred messages per day.

Kemono Friends is a media franchise that features Japari Park, which is full of endangered species, extinct species, and cryptids. They’re all anthropomorphized girls, though. It is a multimedia franchise, consisting of an anime series, a manga adaptation, and several games.

The AI Arai-san Kemono Friends chatbot is available on LINE. It’ll be free until May 28, 2023.

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