Kirby Sanitizer Dispenser Will Appear in Japan’s Amusement Centers

Kirby star alcohol sanitizer dispenser

SK Japan revealed a unique alcohol hand sanitizer dispenser modeled after Kirby. It will appear in Japanese amusement centers from mid-December 2021.

The Japanese press release simply describes this item as an alcohol dispenser. However, considering Kirby’s character nature, this dispenser will be intended for hand sanitizer. People will be able to clean their hands while Kirby stares at them. The item’s overall height, measured from Kirby’s head to the rainbow’s base, will be approximately 23.5 cm (around 9.25 inches).

The warp star will act as the primary device as it features a switch button, sensor, and spray. To use the item, you will first have to press the button to turn on the sensor. Kirby will then spray the stored sanitizer once the sensor detects a hand nearby.

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s highly popular characters. The franchise has physical cafes located in Tokyo and Hakata, Fukuoka. It regularly updates its menu of meals inspired by the franchise’s characters, with the latest one appearing for Winter 2021. Nintendo and HAL Laboratory are currently working on Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a new game that will appear on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

The Kirby alcohol sanitizer dispenser will be available from around the third week of December 2021. It will appear at select amusement centers in Japan, including the ones owned by Namco, Taito, and Sega.

Kite Stenbuck
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