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Last Chance on Gears of War 4 Pre-Order Gift Card and Bonuses



Gears of War 4 will arrive tomorrow on the Xbox One (or rather, Windows 10 PC too). The cross-buy title is one of Microsoft’s “Xbox Play Anywhere” title which allows for cross-play on supported Windows 10 PC. If you weren’t one of the hardcore fans that bought into the Collector’s or Ultimate Edition for early-access, you can still reap a $10 bonus gift code for a digital copy if you pre-order at Microsoft Store before release.


The digital download code will activate Gears of War 4 on your Xbox One (or Windows 10 PC if you so choose), and comes with all the pre-order bonuses included in the “Elite Gear Pack” which essentially comes with three characters and their associated weapon skins and emblems. You can read more details about the Gears of Wars 4 pre-order bonus here.


Note that for this Xbox Play Anywhere title, the Windows 10 system requirement is understandably steep for 4K output – in fact, there are at least 6 tiers of system requirement categories Windows 10 PC gamers should note. The latest anniversary update patch is also required, but happily early reports from gamers shows that Gears of War 4 runs exceedingly well on the PC – paving the way for possibly more Universal Windows Platform titles to head our way than thus far announced. As a last tidbit of sort, in our opinion while cross-buy and cross-play are always a nice addition, one can argue you wouldn’t necessary want all PC titles to become UWP-only “apps” as it’ll stifle all the things we love about PC gaming: customization, deep settings, mods, etc.

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