Legendary Pokemon Palkia and Team Galactic Leader Cyrus Are Coming to Pokemon Masters

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Legendary Pokemon Palkia and Team Galactic Leader Cyrus will be available to recruit in Pokemon Masters through the next upcoming event. By participating in Legendary Event: New World Dilemma, players will be able to recruit this Pokemon and its trainer.

You can watch a preview of the event below.

The official Pokemon Masters Twitter hasn’t fully disclosed what players will need to do in the event to get Palkia and Cyrus. However, once the event goes live, players will be given more information on how to obtain this new Legendary sync Pair.

Recent additions to Pokemon Masters include Summer Seasonal Steven Stone and Lyra. Each of these Summer Seasonal Sync Pairs comes with a different Pokemon than their usual version. Additionally, Summer Seasonal characters won’t be available through the normal Sync Pair Scout. If you want your chance to grab Summer Seasonal Steven and Lyra, they’ll be leaving Pokemon Masters on August 16, 2020.

Other updates to Pokemon Masters include the implementation of a stamina based system for the Training Area. With the the addition of the Training Area, Supercourses have been removed, but players can now farm Sync Orbs and Evolution Materials through these new areas.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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