Life-sized Pokemon plush of Larvesta
Image courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Life-Sized Larvesta Pokemon Plush Will Appear in Japan

The Pokemon Company revealed a new life-sized plush based on the torch Pokemon Larvesta. It has also opened pre-orders for the plush on the Japanese Pokemon Center Online store. The stuffed animal will be available in late November 2024, and it will cost 49,500 yen (~$315).

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The Pokedex officially listed Larvesta’s height as 1.1m / 3’07”. This will be accurate in the plush when one measures its overall horizontal length. The Pokemon plush will be around 0.9m (2’11”) tall and 1.17m (3’10”) wide when its red horns are also measured. But while the Pokedex listed its original weight as 28.8 kg / 63.5 lbs, this plush will only weigh a fraction of that at just 5.4 kg (~11.9 lbs).

The plush will be made in Vietnam with polyethylene for its insides and polyester/polyurethane foam for the outsides. The company noted that Larvesta’s white mane will be specifically made to be fluffy. It also added assurance that despite having Flame Body as its default ability, people who touch this plush will not be inflicted with a burn.

Larvesta, also known in Japan as Merlarva, is the pre-evolved form of Volcarona that debuted in the fifth-generation Nintendo DS entries Pokemon Black and White. Both Pokemon also appear in the ninth-generation Switch titles Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Game Freak also added two new Paradox Pokemon resembling Volcarona as version exclusives. They are Slither Wing in Scarlet and Iron Moth in Violet.

The Pokemon Company will close pre-orders for the life-sized Larvesta plush in Japan on July 1, 2024. It will start shipping the finished products in late November 2024.

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