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It Looks Like Arc System Works Are Cashing In On The World Cup 2014 Fever



    With the World Cup 2014 just around the corner, it looks like Arc System Works will be joining in the festivities… well, sans the license, with their new soccer game Arc Style: Soccer!! 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game is a newer version of their earlier release, Arc Style Soccer 3D. Famitsu shares more.


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    Like the actual World Cup, Arc Style: Soccer!! features 32 different countries, and your goal is to make it on top of the world. Rules like fouls and offside aren’t in the game, so you can enjoy a simple and fast-paced game of footie… or just go on illegal tackling rampages, if the game allows!


    There are three modes in the game:



    The first is the World Tournament mode, which pretty much follows the World Cup format, where you’ll be picking a team, qualify through a group stage and win your way up the knockout stage.


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    Exhibition mode lets you go against friends or CPU for free match-ups. The CPU has easy, normal, and hard difficulties. The real fun, however, is probably found in local network play against other players. You can also use Download Play with others that don’t have the game.


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    For a 3DS eShop title, Arc Style: Soccer!! 2014 seems to have a decent amount of customization options for the players. You’ll be able to change stuff like their names, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, body type, hairstyle, and nose, all with a pretty wide range of options to choose from.


    Arc Style: Soccer!! 2014 will be available for download on May 14, 2014 on the Nintendo eShop for 510 yen.

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