Love-de-Lic’s L.O.L. Lack of Love Gets Fully Translated into English by Fans


    Sega Dreamcast title L.O.L. Lack of Love has gotten a full English fan translation by Rolly and their team of fan translators. The game was the final title developed by Love-de-Lic before its members went their separate ways.

    Earth has become overpopulated, and resources are scarce. Humanity places its last hope into the L.O.L. Project, sending the robot Halumi into space, where it can hopefully find a planet suitable for humans and terraform it for future human colonization.

    However, you don’t play as the robots from Halumi – you play as a newborn species that will continue to grow and evolve as the game goes on. The primary method to change your appearance is by establishing symbiotic relationships with other species on the planet. Each area has various species that has its pre-established relationships such as food chains–and of course, your species needs to survive as well. Players can choose to make their creature feed on plants and their fruit or even other creatures whom you’ve established friendly relationships with. It’s a really freeform experience where each player will likely experience some elements differently due to how they play. The game came out in 2000, but released to mixed reviews, and poor sales in Japan. With the Dreamcast already on the way out, the game never made it Westwards.

    Check out more screenshots below:

    The game is fully in English, including menus and descriptions. The translation patch will work with actual Dreamcast hardware as well. You can find a link to the translation patch here.

    Last year, Onion Games re-released moon, the first Love-de-Lic game, on the Nintendo Switch. The game is getting a full English release for the first time ever, although it was delayed to this year without a release window for the global release. However, it shows that the developers who formed Love-de-Lic know that there is a demand to see their games re-released, possibly with official translations. Who knows? Perhaps L.O.L. Lack of Love and UFO: A Day in the Life will be re-released someday as well.

    L.O.L. Lack of Love released on Dreamcast back in 2000.

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