Mana Khemia – live blogging the first few days of school

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< Spencer’s note: In case you forgot about Mana Khemia: The Alchemists of Al-Revis it comes out today. We covered it before, but we’re trying something new, a liveblog style introduction to Mana Khemia to give you a feel for gameplay flow. >


Oh noes, don't tell me it's another protagonist with no memories.  

Wow, how original, my character's name is Vayne.  I wonder if the pun is intentional.  Well, at least the sprites are pretty. Ah PS2, you're so not dead yet — not as long as people make games with crisp, detailed sprites.


And the clichés go on.  Some guy named Zeppel invited me to alchemy school.  Too bad I have no choice but to go.


Wow, the cat just called this mean girl a bitch.  I think I'm going to like this.




This intro is long. When do I get to fight things?


I think this pink haired girl named with the annoyingly high voice is trying to get in my pants — she wants to "explore campus" together.  I guess her name is Jess. Man, why are girls in these games so pushy?


The environment is so rich and detailed in school. It makes the isometric perspective look 3d almost.


Why does everyone seem to know me even though I have no idea what's going on?


Hm, this going to class thing reminds me of Persona 3 — except I actually  have to perform well at school.


Ah finally, a monster to fight. That took long enough. Uh…how did I know to use the cat to transform?




The battle animations are ridiculous and over the top — I like!


I like the turn list at the top of the screen. It tells you what position you'll be placed in the turn order if you perform a certain action.


The monster I have to defeat for Combat Basics I class is called a 'puni'?  I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere.


Ooh weapon synthesis. Now we're talking.




The second fighting area seems to have pretty strong monsters — I think I'll go grind for a bit in the first area and level up or at least get enough items to make lots of healing jars.


The map doesn't seem very useful considering I can't really tell where exactly I am on the map.


That boss fight was disappointing. I think it's because I got lost and ended up fighting more powerful enemies instead of the boss.  Go me.

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