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Mario Party 10 + Amiibo Bundle Saves you Eight Bucks



In the random Wednesday deal department, NewEgg has some deals on the recently released Mario Party 10, including a deal that bundles a Mario amiibo with the title. This is one of the rare moments where we’re seeing a deal on an amiibo, though you do have to grab it through the bundle.

MSRP for Mario Party 10 clocks in at $49.99, while MSRP for a Mario amiibo is $12.99. When you grab it in the bundle, the list price is $59.99, effectively saving you $3. NewEgg’s deal has the bundle with the amiibo at $51.99, or $41.99 if you only want the game.

Shipping is free unless you live in CA, IN, NJ, or TN – in which case you’ll be subjected to sales tax. As usual, if you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you’re SOL.

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