Mass Effect Andromeda on PC Gets Massive 27% Price Cut


Earlier this Tuesday March 21 marked the release date for Bioware’s biggest launch of the year Mass Effect: Andromeda. To say the game had a few bump since then would probably be a slight understatement. Reviews are mixed at best and its infamous animation problem is now the running meme throughout the web. With that in mind, it was unsurprising that new, more aggressive deals are now available on Mass Effect: Andromeda, particularly for the PC version of the game.


Today the UK-based GMG launched an impressive 27% price break for the new AAA release from BioWare now that the European release date has passed  (the source of their stock of course). After login or account creation you get the “VIP” price of only $43.99 – a big $16 cut to entice gamers on the fence.


In competition to GMG there is another digital retailer DLGamer. The price breaker is a bit weaker at only $10 off, but unlike GMG above, France-base DLGamer is sending the game along with its pre-order bonus DLC as an added incentive. Further down below, Dell is continuing their $25 eGift Card bonus on the console versions (something that’s usually offered to only pre-orders). If you prefer a straight-up discount on the console version, you can even grab it form Newegg for $48 a pop. Update: PS4 copies are now OOS.


Unless you’re a die-hard Mass Effect fan that wants to partake in the game now vs. later – we highly suggest you to check back in a few months time, as the console copies will undoubtedly reach 30% off sooner rather than later. For the PC, 27% off is as good as we think it’ll be in the near future till we hit the 3 months mark.


Mass Effect Andromeda PC Deals


Retailer List % Off Sale Price
Green Man Gaming (Origin) $59.99 27% $43.99
DLGamer (Origin)  $59.99 15% $49.99


Mass Effect: Andromeda Console Deals


Retailer List % Off Sale Price
NewEgg via eBay (PS4, Xbox One) $59.99 20% $47.99
Dell + $25 eGift Card (PS4, Xbox One, Origin) $59.99 $59.98


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