Meet The Monster Girls In Moero Chronicle, The Follow Up To Monster Monpiece

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We recently got a look at the world and some of the main characters of Compile Heart’s latest entry on the Monster World game series, Moero Chronicle. The game’s official website shares more information on the other monster girls you’ll be fighting, befriending, or both in your adventure.




Coco is a mysterious monster girl who doesn’t seem to know anything about her origins. She’s a cute girl with a precocious way of talking.In order to find the cause of the monster girls’ sudden hostility towards humans, she goes on a journey to bring the legendary monster girl back to normal.




Latte is the leader of the first area of Monstopia. She often fools around, but she’ll be helping you out when it matters. She is said to be a character that shows extremes in both her serious and playful sides, and she also speaks like an elderly person, contrary to her youthful appearance.




A Sahagin-type monster girl, who is the leader of the second area of Monstopia. She’s a rather quiet monster girl and likes doing things her own way. Calypso is an honest young girl, but she doesn’t seem to care much for boys.




This Mandragora-type monster girl is the tactful leader of the third area. She often plays the role of a mediator, so she often isn’t treated properly like a girl. However, she’s always wished she could be a little more popular.




Airi the Medusa-type monster girl is the fourth leader who seems to have some sort of inner conflict about whether her queen-like self is being truthful to her real personality. Nevertheless, she’s still quite vain and prideful. Otton constantly calls her an old hag.




The Succubus monster girl Mocha is one of the two leaders of the fifth area. She’s cheerful, talkative, and isn’t exactly too bright. She loves her partner Matari and can always be seen together. It might look like she’s the leader of the duo, but she actually relies on Matari more than anything.




Matari is a Golem-type monster girl who is partners with Mocha as leaders of the fifth area. Unlike her partner, she’s quiet and blunt. She might look like Mocha’s follower, but she’s a big support to her unsteady partner. Instead of going by her own actions, she tends to go with whatever Mocha wants.




Ranju is the Yuki-onna (or snow woman) monster girl of the sixth area. She’s elegant, merciful, and is often seen peacefully smiling. She’s the most mature when it comes to personality, which comes in handy for getting the other back on track. She’s great at making sweets, but they say she isn’t nearly as sweet herself when she gets angry.


Moero Chronicle will be released on April 24, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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