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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Release Date Set

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection got its release date, which is April 14, 2023. It is available for pre-order now. This is the first time that a western audience will be able to obtain certain Japan-exclusive Download Chips. The legacy collection will have all ten mainline games from Mega Man Battle Network, as well as online matches and Battle Chip trading.

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Masakazu Eguchi, the director of the Mega Man Battle Network series, shared the release date news on the Capcom YouTube channel. In the video, he explained some details about the collection:

For online features, you can play battles with random players or private ones (through a friend code). You will also be able to participate in ranked matches. As for trading, you can trade Battle Chips, MegaMan Styles, and Navi Customizer Programs. You can obtain the Download Chips in the MegaMan screen when you play the games.

As a side note, players can use the TreeBomb Prism combo in Mega Man Battle Network 2. This is to “respect the memories of those of you who played these games in their original form,” according to the Capcom website. But in online play, the prism will work more like it did in 3 in order to preserve game balance. The games use the Japanese versions of the game, which necessitated that the team rewrite the code. So if you played the English version back in the day, there might be some content unfamiliar to you in this collection.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is open for pre-order and the release date is April 14, 2023. It will come out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam. If you pre-order from the participating storefronts, you can get additional skins and music tracks.

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