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Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Hits 5 Million Downloads

Bandai Namco announced the game Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 was downloaded five million times and is celebrating with a variety of bonuses. Gun Cannon Aqua [TB] is joining the roster, for one. Also, to commemorate the occasion, players will be given a variety of mobile suits and other items for logging in. The event is live now.

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The following items can be gained by logging in during the event period.

  • 200 Mechanics Tickers 2 stars
  • 200 Mechanics Tickets 3 stars
  • 300 Recycle Tickers
  • 50 DP
  • Ex-S Gundam Level 1
  • Ripple Pattern HG
  • The-O Level 1
  • Zeta Gundam [HML] Level 1

The celebration also runs alongside the addition of Gun Cannon Aqua [TB] to Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2. This new mobile suit can be deployed on the ground and is an aquatic variation of the existing Gun Cannon mobile suit. It has a deployment cost of 350. Until March 23, 2023 the Gun Cannon Aqua will have a boosted chance of appearing in supply drops.

Once per day until March 28th, 2023, players are given one free supply drop for a total of a maximum of 14 across the duration of the event. This particular supply drop will guarantee a two-star or higher mobile suit, with the possibility of a four-star mobile suit appearing.

A special step-up supply drop will also be available during the celebration. For 30 tokens ten consecutive supply drops will have a bonus mobile suit as the 11th drop. This can be done a total of three times.

The following mobile suits can be obtained at the 11th drop:

  • Baund Doc Level 1
  • Delta Plus Level 1
  • Geara Zulu (Angelo) Level 1
  • Rebawoo Level 1
  • Silver Bullet Level 1

A new player experience also will run alongside the five million download event. These include a seven-day log-in campaign that gives too 30 tokens to spend on supply drops, increased drops and more rewards for missions for seven days, and directive missions to teach new players the game while giving rewards.

The event also features a three-part new player step-up supply drop banner with bonuses for each step. The first step is free and guarantees a one-star mobile suit, while the second does the same with a two-star mobile suit plus 150 two-star mechanic tickets, and finally the third gives a three-star mobile suit and 200 three-star mechanic tickers.

You can play Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 on PlayStation 4 and 5 now and on PC via Steam later in 2023. The five million downloads event runs until March 29, 2023.

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