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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak New Monster is the Garangolm

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Garangolm

Capcom shared new information regarding Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, which includes the reveal of a new monster known as the Garangolm. This new monster was shown during the Monster Hunter Digital Event. The broadcast was held through Twitch and YouTube, with archived versions immediately available to watch.

The Garangolm will appear alongside the Malzeno and Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The Garangolm is a fanged beast that can coat its arms in water and fire elements to unleash devastating attacks.

The Malzeno is entirely new, and was previously revealed to be the flagship monster for the paid expansion.

The Lunagaron was revealed through a The Game Awards 2021 pre-show trailer. As it stands, these are the only new monsters that have been revealed for Mosnter Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The Lunagaron can cover its body in ice to protect itself. This monster reveals its true form when enraged.

There is also the Astalos. It will also make a return in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Additionally, the developer has mentioned that several monsters from previous entries will make an appearance in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Capcom announced the Shogun Ceanataur will be available to hunt in Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Demos are available for both platforms. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will release in June 30, 2022.

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