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Monster Hunter Stories’ Details How To Awaken Abilities And Its Multiplayer Feature



Capcom released the final installment of “Lilia Explains,” a video series giving us a rundown on what Monster Hunter Stories is about. The last video shows us more on awakening abilities and multiplayer.


The Otomon have “Bond Genes” that influence their stats and abilities in various ways. The “Transmission Ceremony” is where you can awaken abilities from within the monsters. For example, the video shows the feature at work, as it awakens a Nargacuga’s ability, making it possible for it to use an “Ice Cyclone” attack.


You’ll get to mix and match various abilities using this feature, to create your own unique Otomon. You can even change the appearance of some of the monsters after meeting certain conditions as well.


As for multiplayer, you’ll get to connect with other players via local or Internet connectivity to compete using your Otomon. You’ll get to use stamp chat images to communicate with other players.


Rider Cards can be customized and shared via StreetPass, along with StreetPass dungeons, which include rare dungeons that you might only be able to get from other players.


Monster Hunter Stories releases in Japan on October 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. Check out our earlier reports for a look at more from Lilia’s videos, on how to acquire eggs, battle system basics, and more on Otomon abilities.

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