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Monster Hunter Stories’ Video On Battle System Basics, Equipment, And Items




We learned about how you’ll steal eggs to make new friends in Monster Hunter Stories, and the second “Lilia Explains” video teaches us more about the basics of battle.


Battles start when you run into a symbol encounter with enemies on the field in Monster Hunter Stories. The player and their Otomon partners will both get their turns to attack. Attacks come in three categories of Power, Speed, and Technique. This also applies to enemies as well.


Technique beats Speed, Speed beats Power, and Power beats Technique. It’s basically like rock-paper-scissors, where the winner does extra damage in battle, except you’ll always have the edge of knowing enemy characteristics, which is a key part to winning battles with ease.


Rider weapons consist of Great Swords, One-Handed Swords, Hammers, and Hunting Horns, and they all have their own unique skills. You can further enhance attacks by using equipment that come with skills, such as fire attributes that add more damage.


The game also offers items seen throughout the series, such as Whetstones which increases affinity instead of sharpness this time around, or Pitfall Traps to pin down monsters.


Monster Hunter Stories releases in Japan on October 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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