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New Fate/Grand Order Event Adds Galatea to the Game

The new Fate/Grand Order event titled “Akihabara Explosion” is coming to the English version of the game on March 17, 2023, and Galatea will join the roster when it happens. The Japanese version of the event ran back in March 2021. You must clear the game’s prologue “Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki” to take part in the event.

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The Akihabara Explosion event features a new five-star servant named Galatea that can be obtained through the event’s servant summon. This new servant features a character design by artist Shimada Fumikane, who is known for his work on various anime that feature girls with mechanical accessories. Some of his art can be seen in series and games like Strike Witches, Kantai Collection, and Alice Gear Aegis. Nero Claudius in her bride outfit can also be summoned during the event and returns alongside a quest providing her with a power-up.

Taking place in Akihabara, a place known for being a center of Japanese pop culture, the event centers around a warped version of the Akihabara Tower Hall. It turned into a demonic realm and challenges the player and their servants to gain shop points in an event called “Operation Shop to You Drop.” This provides a backdrop for the new event.

Clearing the main event quests will unlock shopping quests that can then be cleared to unlock more main event quests. Clearing shopping quests will earn your servants more bond points than usual. Every five shopping quests you clear will earn rewards like a Lantern of Cheldea which can be used to raise the limit on servants’ bonds. However, servants used in shop quests become exhausted and cannot be used for six hours, and will then need to rest.

You can play Fate/Grand Order now on iOS and Android devices, and Akihabara Explosion will run until March 30, 2023.

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