New Naruto Top 99 Special Character Poll Asks About Akatsuki Members

New Naruto Top 99 Special Character Poll Asks About Akatsuki Members

There’s another mini character poll going on during the Naruto Top 99 worldwide popularity poll, and this one involves Akatsuki members. In short, it’s a My Akatsuki Classmate one. It asks people to share the villain they’d most want to attend school with.

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To take part in this My Akatsuki Classmate Super Special Vote regarding its members, people must first cast votes for characters in the standard Naruto Top 99 poll. After they do, they can scroll down to participate in the briefer poll. You can then click a “release the seal” button to open up the additional question.

There are only five options total in this poll. It asks which one of them you’d most want to sit next to if you hypothetically got to attend the same class as them. The options are Deidara, Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, Konan, and Sasori. Once you pick one, it tallies your vote.

This is the third special vote to appear during this character poll. The first asked which jutsu people would most want to use. Shadow Clone Jutsu took first, Kamui appeared in second, and The Infinite Tsukuyomi placed third. The second poll asked about the best potential teacher. Minato Namikaze came in first, Kakashi Hatake was second, and Jiraiya was third.

Both the overall Naruto character popularity poll and Akatsuki member special vote will run until January 31, 2023. The Naruto Top 99 characters’ results will be announced in April 2023. Presumably, the My Akatsuki Classmate results will be announced on January 31, 2023, as that happened with the teacher poll. The Naruto and Boruto manga are localized by Viz Media. Both anime adaptations can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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