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New Release Deals: 18% off Secret of Mana and 10% off Shadow of Colossus


This February is surprisingly filled with many new releases, or rather, remakes and remasters. This is even more apparent this week with the release of Secret of Mana remake for both the PC and PS4. While the game thus far is receiving a mixed reaction from critics and gamers alike, it’s a noteworthy title given today is the release day for the Square Enix’s classic.


If you’re interested in picking up Secret of Mana, there’s an 18% off discount available for the PC Steam copy thanks to a Lunar New Year promotion. Conversely, this same coupon applies to a number of other new PC titles including Dynasty Warriors 9, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. Note that Dynasty Warriors 9 has an existing instant discount of 10% off which stacks with the coupon. (Double note that reviews for Dynasty Warriors 9 trends negative, which we imagine is the main reason for the deeper discount).


On the PS4 side, the same digital retailer offers up all recent PlayStation 4 releases for a quick and easy 10% off on the PSN digital copy of the game. You’ll find the PSN copy of Secret of Mana or last week’s release Shadow of Colossus for $35.99. While these aren’t huge savings, they are a good alternative for those without Best Buy Gamers Club Unlock or Amazon Prime.


PC Deals, Use coupon: WOOF18 List % Off Sale Price
Secret of Mana (Steam) $39.99 18% $32.79
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (Steam) $49.99 22% $38.99
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (Steam) $49.99 18% $40.99
Dynasty Warriors 9 (Steam) $59.99 26% $44.27
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Steam) $59.99 18% $49.19


PS4 Deals List % Off Sale Price
Shadow of the Colossus (PS4 Download) $39.99 10% $35.99
Secret Of Mana (PS4 Download) $39.99 10% $35.99
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PS4 Download) $59.99 10% $53.99
Monster Hunter: World (PS4 Download) $59.99 10% $53.99
Monster Hunter: World – Deluxe (PS4 Download) $69.99 10% $62.99
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Day One (PS4 Download) $59.99 10% $53.99
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Deluxe (PS4 Download) $84.99 10% $76.49


The WOOF18 Lunar New Year coupon at Green Man Gaming has no set expiration date as of writing, but based on our experience it will end within a week. As for the PS4 deals, they should continue to work for the near future.


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