NieR Reincarnation x Persona 5 Royal Crossover Previewed

Nier Reincarnation Persona 5

Atlus’ best-traveled characters, The Phantom Thieves, are paying a visit to The Cage. Square Enix announced the NieR Reincarnation x Persona 5 Royal collaboration on September 5th, with a kickoff for the event in Japan on September 9, 2022 [Thanks, Famitsu!].

Check out the trailer for the event, which teases the arrival of Joker, Queen (Makoto), and Fox (Yusuke) from Persona 5 in NieR Reincarnation.

The trailer also shows the trio deploying their Personas for a special attack. Joker uses Arsene, his first Persona. Queen deploys Johanna, which takes the form of a motorcycle inspired by Pope Joan, an apocryphal female pope from the middle ages. Yusuke uses Goemon, a Persona inspired by Ishikawa Goemon, a legendary Japanese outlaw.

Joker and Queen will join the game as part of a premium NieR Reincarnation x Persona 5 Royal banner. Fox is available through the event quest, “Record: Phantom of the Rebellion. The story of the event quest will involve both Persona 5 and NieR Reincarnation characters. Fox will come with a limited Katana weapon. The game will also use background music and aesthetic effects designed to evoke Persona 5, as well. It is unknown if other Persona 5 characters will join the event. The messaging is specific to Persona 5 Royal, though, which could mean that Royal-exclusive characters like Violet may be involved.

Though the game crossed has crossed over before with other NieR titles like Replicant and Automata, and even Drakengard and Final Fantasy XIV, the Nier Reincarnation x Persona 5 event is the first time it has crossed over with a non-Square Enix property.

NieR Reincarnation is available on Android and iOS devices. Persona 5 Royal is available on PS4, with planned releases for PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on October 21, 2022.

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