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Nintendo Is Aware of a Bug in Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trials

Fire Emblem Engage bug

Nintendo is aware of the existence of a bug present in Fire Emblem Engage, related to the cooperative multiplayer Relay Trials mode. Some players have been reporting the bug, which caused Nintendo to investigate. The company is currently trying to fix it as soon as possible. The bug occurs when choosing to “Take Over” after selecting “Random” in Fire Emblem Engage’s Relay Trials. Selecting this causes the message “no data to take over” to appear.

This bug might have been introduced after the day one patch, as prior to its release this issue didn’t exist. While Nintendo solves the issue, the best way for players to minimize problems when joining in Relay Trials might be to manually input a code, in the case that selecting “Random” causes any problems.

Relay Trials is a cooperative multiplayer mode in which players pick up a challenge battle started by a different player, and have to work together in order to beat the objective. Players have the option to start with a new map from scratch, randomly join a Relay Trial, or join a particular Relay Trial with a code issued by the previous player

Fire Emblem Engage is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch. You can check out Siliconera’s official review of the game here.

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