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Nintendo MAR10 Sale: Bravely Second, Captain Toad Gets Price Reduction


Its March 10 aka “MAR10 Day” – and whether or not these deals are related to the Mario day is up for debate. What is for sure is a bunch of Nintendo Wii U and 3DS titles are on sale across the web, most of them receiving hefty price reduction as the list prices are now dropped. Most deals below are from Nintendo’s official eBay store – with three Wii U titles and six 3DS titles on tap.


Titles selling the most are unsurprisingly Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker + amiibo for the Wii U (now only $20 and has sold over 1,500 units). Further behind the pack are the excellent Bravely Default and decent Yoaki Watch at also $20 a pop.


For the deals at Nintendo’s eBay store, you’ll receive free shipping, whereas if you buy from they charge a flat rate shipping. For the Best Buy deals, going with eBay also nets you free shipping or choice of store pick-up. As far as we can tell, the Best Buy Mario deals are today-only – so we’d grab them sooner rather than later if you’re interested in the titles.


Nintendo via eBay Deals


Game Title List % Off Sale Price
Wii U 32GB Console + Nintendo Land (Refurb) $299.99 33% $200
Star Fox Zero + Star Fox Guard (Wii U) $59.99 50% $30
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (Wii U) $49.99 50% $25
The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes (3DS) $39.99 50% $20
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (3DS) $39.99 50% $20
Yokai Watch (3DS) $39.99 50% $20
Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS) $39.99 50% $20
Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker + amiibo (Wii U) $39.99 50% $20
Chibi-Robo Zip Lash (3DS) $29.99 50% $15
LBX: Little Battlers eXperience (3DS) $39.99 62% $15



Animal Crossing Deals


Game Title List % Off Sale Price
Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival (Wii U) $59.99 75% $14.99
Nintendo Selects: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) $19.99 25% $14.99
Animal Crossing 3-Pack Cyrus/K.K./Reese amiibo $14.50 52% $6.99
Animal Crossing Series Kicks amiibo Figure $12.99 62% $4.99
Animal Crossing Series Blathers amiibo Figure $12.99 69% $3.99
Animal Crossing Series Rover amiibo Figure $8.99 56% $3.99
Animal Crossing Series Kapp’n amiibo Figure $12.99 69% $3.99
Animal Crossing Series Mabel amiibo Figure $8.99 68% $2.88
Animal Crossing Series Tom Nook amiibo Figure $8.99 68% $2.88
Animal Crossing Series Resetti amiibo Figure $12.99 85% $1.99


Best Buy 3DS Deals


Game Title List % Off Sale Price
Super Mario Maker (3DS) $39.99 13% $34.99
Mario Party Star Rush (3DS) $39.99 13% $34.99
Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) $29.99 17% $24.99
Mario Kart 7 (3DS) $29.99 17% $24.99


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