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Nippon Ichi’s New Spooky Night Exploring Game Is Actually Kind Of Cute



Nippon Ichi Software recently teased a new game called Night Watch, which came with a pretty eerie-looking teaser trailer. The official website shows us a first look at the game, and how it plays.


A young girl took her pet dog out for a walk.


However, due to her carelessness, the dog met with an accident, and disappeared.


After seeing the young girl come home with an empty leash, her older sister decided to run out and look for the dog.


The protagonist [young girl] left the house later, but what she experienced was the night of the town—a completely different and eerie night, unlike anything seen during the day…


The young girl is the unnamed protagonist of Night Watch, she’ll go looking for her lost dog and sister during the night in town. Both the pet dog and older sister are lost, so the young girl will have to summon the courage to find them on her own.


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In Night Watch, you’ll need to explore around the eerie nights of town in order to find the older sister and pet dog. With everything shrouded in darkness, there are many things you won’t be able to distinguish without looking at it with a flash light.


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You know how the roads and outdoors can look different while you’re walking around or driving at night? Night Watch is basically that, but if things were a little more calm and eerie.


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And by eerie, they mean ominous “fears” wandering around in town. Sometimes you’ll see them as dark shadows in the streets. A feeling of fear during the night, that you sense behind your back. You just may find out what they actually are by flashing them with light… or they might end up actually being “something dangerous.”


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Night Watch will release in Japan on October 29, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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