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Older Xbox One Kinect is Now Under $200



Now that the Xbox One S has all the attention on it, the old Xbox One Kinect’s price has hit new rock bottom. Yep, the old version of the console is as cheap a $190 at Groupon today – hitting its all-time low price and is a whopping $310 cheaper than the $500 price tag you would have seen last year.


To get the $190 price you will need to jump though a minor hoop. The price here at Groupon shows up for $219.99. Enter in promo code FIRST at checkout and it’ll drop the price to $189.99. The coupon code will only work on new accounts, so if you’ve bought items or deals from Groupon in the past you’ll need to make a new account. (Generally new email or household address will suffice).


In addition to the Xbox One Kinect bundle Groupon is tossing in a free copy of Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition. The Limited Edition of the game includes a unique Spartan-themed SteelBook case plus a physical Guardians model and sells for at a minimum $25 at other retailers online. Its a pretty neat bundle considering the original list price for the Limited Edition started at $99.


We should point out that the Xbox One Kinect bundle at Groupon is refurbished. They’re not selling you a busted system they put back together though, as the work was done by Microsoft and includes a 90 day warranty from the manufacturer. As a last side note, brand new Xbox One Kinect Bundles are surprisingly still in the $300 price range.

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