One Piece Film Red New Genesis Song Hits #1 on Apple Music Charts

new genesis one piece

The main theme for One Piece Film: Red, “New Genesis,” has entered the Top 5 of Apple Music’s Top 100: Global daily chart. As of the time of writing in Canada, “New Genesis” is in fourth place, while in Japan, it is number one. Three of the eight songs in Ado’s One Piece Film: Red album are in the Top 100 as well. [Thanks, Famitsu]

Aside from “New Genesis,” the songs in the Top 100 are “I’m Invincible,” “Backlight,” and “Fleeting Lullaby.” That means that half of the One Piece Film: Red album from Ado has ranked in Apple Music’s Top 100 list. This list shows what the most-played songs around the world are, and it update every day.

“New Genesis” marks the first time that a Japanese song has been number one on this list. As well, the entire album has broken weekly streaming records on Apple Music for the entire J-Pop genre. Ado sang all of the songs, though she has a different collaborator for each one. Yasutaka Nakata worked with her on “New Genesis,” for example, while Mrs. Green Apple wrote “I’m Invincible.”

Check out the official music video for the song below.

The music of One Piece Film: Red is not the only award-winning aspect of it. Within ten days of its official debut, it already made over 7.06 billion JPY (or $53 million). It has already become the most successful One Piece movie in the entire franchise.

One Piece Film: Red is available in theaters in Japan, and it will appear on Crunchyroll in Fall 2022. Uta’s songs is available for streaming via Apple Music and other similar services.

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