Overwatch Collector’s Edition Gets Big $35 Price Cut



Update: The discount on the CE has made a return at GameStop. List price for Overwatch Collector’s edition has now also dropped to $99. You can also check here for the best Overwatch deals.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably knew of Blizzard’s upcoming big new release Overwatch. While we haven’t seen much in the way of discounts for the Origins Edition of the game, we’ve just spotted a big discount on the Overwatch Collector’s Edition for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


While previously at a big $130 list price, Walmart has decided to price cut the Collector’s Edition for as much as $35, which is a total of 27% off on a premium item. You’ll have to add to cart to see the price, but suffice to say this is a big deal on an upcoming release. You usually don’t see discounts like these on Collector’s Editions until almost 6 months to a year after release – and generally those are for unpopular titles. Note that Amazon’s price robot has also decided to price match Walmart but stock is fluctuating a bit at Amazon as of writing (PC out of stock).


What’s inside the Overwatch Collector’s Edition? Of note is the Soldier: 76 Statue, Soundtrack, Visual Sourcebook, and in-game digital goodies. (Picture above is essentially what the box contains). For the cheaper Origins Edition, the only notable pre-order bonus deals are at Best Buy and GameStop, where you’ll be able to get some physical goodies in the form of a Metal Art Plate (Best Buy), and a Mini Baby Winston Figurine (GameStop). Details listed below.


Overwatch Collector’s Edition Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Overwatch Collector’s Edition (PC) $99.99 20% $79.99
Overwatch Collector’s Edition (PS4) $99.99 20% $79.99
Overwatch Collector’s Edition (Xbox One) $99.99 20% $79.99

Overwatch Origins Deals


Game Title MSRP
Overwatch (PS4, Xbox One, PC DVD) $48.99
Overwatch + Metal Art Plate + $10 Rewards (PS4, Xbox One) $59.99
Overwatch + Baby Winston Figurine (PS4, PC DVD, Xbox One) $59.99


Walmart has decided to throw in a 18% discount on the Origins Edition of Overwatch too. This is a great deal for a pre-order on a large title. You can select free shipping or pick up a day early at your local Walmart on May 23. Collector’s Edition, as mentioned, is 27% off to $95.


GameStop is all about the Baby Winston Figurine. We admit it looks pretty slick and is unique to GameStop, but it’s a personal choice (not much monetary value can be set on it since the figurine doesn’t sell separately.


Best Buy is the compromise between physical goodies and a gift card. You are getting a Metal Plate decorated in Overwatch Art. Now in our opinion, that’s not nearly as cool as a figurine like GameStop, but if that’s not enough Best Buy also is tossing in a bonus $10 in My Best Buy Rewards. Even better, if you’re a Gamers Club Unlocked Member, you get a 20% discount to $47.99. GCU is a paid membership and not worth it just for Overwatch, but if you buy a lot of new games on console the savings will add up over time to cover the $30 2-year membership cost.


Missed out on the Collector’s Edition deal at Walmart because its now sold out? You can opt to grab a copy at Best Buy for about $134, which will also include two years worth of Gamers Club Unlocked Membership. Essentially, if you add the Collector’s Edition to cart at Best Buy, you can automatically redeem a GCU membership for 20% off all new video games. Not a bad deal for people collecting higher ticket price collector bundles.


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