Slash 27% Off Devil May Cry 5 Standard or Deluxe Edition for PC


Released just yesterday, Devil May Cry 5 is one of the “surprising” hit for early 2019. Reviewed positively by both critics and gamers alike, the 5th installment to the mainline series brings Dante and Nero back in action with style. Considering it’s been 11 years since Devil May Cry 4, Capcom has done a pretty swell job on bringing back the hack and slash classic.


If you’re aiming to play on release week, digital retailer GMG has the Steam key on sale for up to 27% off.   As of writing, both Standard and Deluxe Edition of Devil May Cry 5 are on sale in the US for $43.79 and $51.42, respectively. The full discount will only show up after you’re logged into GMG – which is what you’ll have to do to check out and purchase the game anyways.


For others in different regions, you can try voucher code DEVIL26 to get 26% off the game (unsurprisingly the game has regional pricing). Alternatively, DLGamer also offers the game on sale for 23% off if you’re having issues with GMG for whatever reason.


Note: Try coupon code DEVIL26 at GMG if you don’t see the 27% off discount in your region.


Devil May Cry 5 PC Deals List % Off Sale Price
Devil May Cry 5 (Steam) at GMG $59.99 27% $43.79
Devil May Cry 5 – Deluxe Edition (Steam) at GMG $70.44 27% $51.42
Devil May Cry 5 (Steam) at DLGamer $59.99 23% $45.99
Devil May Cry 5 – Deluxe Edition (Steam) at DLGamer $70.44 23% $53.99


Packing in as a 30GB download, the game does come with Denuvo DRM so if you have an older PC that constantly doesn’t deal with the performance impact well, you might do well to research more on Devil May Cry 5 performance. Otherwise, by all accounts the PC port is stellar, running at 4K and 60fps for those with the beefier hardware.


Deluxe Edition of the game gets you extra weapons, battle music, alternative voices and live action cutscenes (yep). We’re not sure if those are exactly worth the extra price tag but if you’re a big DMC fan and you were planning to pay the full $60 list price, then the discounted Deluxe Edition is still cheaper and may be worth considering


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