PC Final Fantasy Deals: Zodiac Age and FFXV Up to 38% Off


If you never picked up Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for the PS4, the PC port has released today with discount fanfare. On Steam Store and other digital retailers, Square Enix is discounting the game for 20% off to drive initial sales. In fact, the game is sitting squarely in the number one top seller position on Steam Store across all-region as of writing, so the tactic seems to be working well enough.


If you look carefully though, sitting just a few steps below Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, quickly shooting up to the number five top-selling spot now that it has become available for pre-order. The good news? We found a limited time discount code that can knock an additional 23% off Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for Steam, bringing the total discount to 38% off at $31.19.


Why did we mention Final Fantasy XV? Because there’s another coupon that works for the game as well, taking the pre-order to only $37.49 for the highly anticipated PC version. Both of these are pretty darn good deals for new (and upcoming) releases.


Final Fantasy PC Deals List % Off Sale Price
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (Steam)
Use coupon code: EARLYBIRD25
$49.99 25% $37.49
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (Steam)
Use coupon code: TOPPICK22
$49.99 38% $31.19


Update: Added 25% off coupon for FFXV in lieu of the 23% off, thanks to sfried for the notice in the comments below. Similarly, GMG has reduced the discount code on Zodiac Age by 1% to 22% off. Both of these coupons will expire on February 9, though the launch discount on Zodiac Age ends on February 8.


Happily, to help with your decision making, Square Enix has also released a Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition benchmark tool today. You’ll be able to download and find the tool here. It clocks in at 3.37GB, so prepare for a sizable download. It’s a good testbed to how the game will perform on your specific machine before you make the splurge.


Reviews for the PC port of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age currently sits at 79% off “mostly positive” and it’s anyone’s guess how FFXV will perform in the user reviews department come March next month. (Although to be fair system requirements looks reasonable and the benchmark tool is definitively an additional vote of confidence from Square Enix).


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