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PlayStation 4 Begins Clearing Out at $299 Price



On September 7 next week, Sony will finally get around to confirming the PlayStation Neo. With about a week to go before the PlayStation once again owns the news headlines, at least one retailer is trying to clear out their warehouse of PlayStation 4 with a decent deal.


On eBay Deals a new offer popped up with a PlayStation 4 for $299.99 and with two wireless controllers. A PlayStation 4 controller sells anywhere between $45 and $60 these days, so not only are you getting $50 price cut but also a ~$50 bonus. This is probably one of the last few PlayStation 4 deals we’ll see until retailers switch gear to listing the PlayStation 4 Slim (and eventually Neo, whenever that comes along). If you rather wait for mainstream retailers, we suspect you’ll be spotting more $299 pricing starting next week.


Last week Groupon was selling refurbished PlayStation 4’s for the same $299.99 with only one wireless controller. Today’s console deal is in brand new condition with a decent (and functional) bonus. The cheapest we’ve ever seen a PlayStation 4 sell for in refurbished condition in 2016 was $252 back in June and that sold out after a few mere hours.


This eBay PS4 deal went live at 8:30PM Pacific today and is selling at a decent clip. Thus far 64 units have gone off the shelves after about an hour and a half. Word from eBay is there are 1,000 consoles available at this price, so at this rate the deal should last for a few days at the very least. Shipping is free and no word of tax is mentioned, even though the item location is in California.

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