The best deals are always random, surprisingly deals. Take this PlayStation 4 deal as a clear example from eBay. At $280 with free shipping, this is one of the best PS4 price we’ve seen through the entire year. Refurbish PlayStation 4 units have appeared near this price before, but it’s extra special when the deal is on new units.


eBay powerseller RushHourWholesaler is selling plain vanilla PlayStation 4 500GB Jet Black consoles for $280. For those wondering, these are listed as “original packaging” because the same retailer was also offloading brown box units earlier this week.  If you’re comfortable buying from eBay, you will be saving quite a few pennies by picking this unit up vs. a PS4 bundle with games (e.g. the Call of Duty Black Ops III bundle, or the Star Wars: Battlefront bundle).


Since we’re half way through the year, we’re getting closer to the date when Sony will announce new holiday PS4 bundles. With the PlayStation VR October release date also edging even closer, retailers will surely start bundling PS VR with PS4 as packaged deals. When you take these two factors into account, it’s not too surprising that there are PlayStation 4 deals randomly cropping up in the middle of Summer.


Shipping time frame is within a week, depending on your location. No sales tax is being mentioned. From the eBay description: this is a brand new unopened PlayStation 4 that comes in the original box, with all items included: Playstation 4 Jet Black System, Dualshock 4 Wireless controller, HDMI Cable, Power Cable, Mono Headset with USB charging cable.


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