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PlayStation Plus Discount Found Before Price Goes to $60



Update: If you’re still hunting for a cheap PS Plus deal, Groupon has a deal for $44.95 – a solid 25% off.


If your PlayStation plus subscription auto renews on September 22 or later you may want to turn it off. Starting 9/22 Sony is jacking the price of your annual subscription from $49.99 to $59.99. Ouch! Xbox Live pricing, here we come.


However, you still have a little time to snag a PlayStation Plus 12-month card for the old price… In fact, we just found it for less. While all major retailers are selling a PlayStation plus 12-month card for full price, Groupon has a coupon cutting 25% off the list price.


All new customers (or rather new accounts) can use coupon code FIRST at Groupon checkout and drop the price $12.50 from $49.99 to $37.49. Note that this is a coupon that works on new accounts only.


Another YMMV deal also exist. There actually is an even better coupon code out there, but it doesn’t work universally. Some Groupon users with inactive accounts might be able to use code SAVE30 and cut $15 out of the price making the PS Plus subscription only $34.99. This particular deal will work only on targeted accounts. our unch is it will only work on select accounts that haven’t bought anything on Groupon in a long while. The SAVE30 code is valid for today only.


Deal like these Groupon coupons are actually pretty good compared to past prices. The best outright price on the PlayStation plus subscription in 2016 was $35.99. Today you might even be able to make it cheaper, if not – $37.50 is a whole lot better than $59.99.

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