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PlayStation VR Core Headset Now Available for Individual Pre-Order



About a week has past since the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle was made available for pre-order, and now the lower price point PlayStation VR core headset is also made available for purchase. With the Oculus Rift now shipping to early Kickstarter pre-orders, the age of VR is slowly, but surely trickling towards mass consumer.


Unlike the VR Launch Bundle which was pegged at $499.99, the VR core headset is only $399.99, saving you money if you already have the PlayStation Move and camera setup. The core headset only comes with the VR World demo disc, so you’ll need to make sure you pick up a few more titles during launch time later this year.


Like previously with the Launch Bundle, Amazon’s limited stock were sold out almost immediately, but as of writing most major retailers are still taking pre-order without any “stock” issues. Walmart is technically the cheapest since they only list the system at $399, saving you a whole 99 cents (wow). Here are the retailers with pre-orders available on the PS VR core headset as of writing:



With the $399 price for the core headset only, the PlayStation VR is one of the cheaper option (even considering that you’ll need a PlayStation 4 to use it with). Whereas for the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, you’ll need to pair both of these virtual reality system with a pricey and well-spec PC (both a positive and negative thing).

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