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PlayStation VR Launch and Core Headset Quickly Selling Out



PlayStation VR went live today and its quickly selling out across the web. If you want a unit for the holidays – this may be one of your few chances as it looks like initial shipment batch are in limited quantity for select bundles, as are the PlayStation VR deal selections.


For reference, the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle being priced at $499.99 is sold out everywhere except for Amazon (Update: now shipping until much later, only GameStop appears to have stock left). The cheaper Core headset for $399.99 is only sold out at Walmart but you can still find it at GameStop, Best Buy, or Amazon. The equivalent new “Starter” bundle for $499.99 from GameStop looks to still be in healthy supply.


GameStop as per their usual MO have elected to create their own bundle batches. Some of these newly introduced bundles available for sale today include the PlayStation VR “Complete Batman Bundle” for $529.99. There’s also the PlayStation VR “Complete Until Dawn Bundle” for $579.99. Funny enough both these bundles comes with pre-owned PS Move Motion controllers (yep it’s GameStop after all).


Finally, there’s a giant $889.99 PlayStation VR “Ultimate Game Bundle” with essentially all of the seven PS VR launch titles, including VR Worlds. If you’re hardcore and you have the budget – this will get you everything under the sun. Thankfully, the Move Motion controllers in this bundle are new units ;)


PlayStation VR Standard Headset and Bundles


Bundle Sale Price
PlayStation VR Core Headset at GameStop $399.99
PlayStation VR Core Headset at Best Buy $399.99
PlayStation VR Core Headset at Amazon $399.99
PlayStation VR Launch Bundle at Amazon $499.99


New GameStop PS VR Bundles


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
PlayStation VR Starter Bundle $509.99 2% $499.99
PlayStation VR Complete Batman Bundle $529.99 0% $529.99
PlayStation VR Complete Until Dawn Bundle $594.99 3% $579.99
PlayStation VR Ultimate Game Bundle $889.99 0% $889.99


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