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PlayStation VR Now Available, First Wave Gone at Amazon



PlayStation VR Launch Bundle is now available for pre-order today, starting at 7AM PST at select retailers. Amazon quickly sold out of stock of its initial allocation soon after releasing (after about an hour). But as of writing Walmart, Best Buy, and GameStop appears to still be taking PS VR pre-orders.


There are currently two bundles that will be made available during the “first wave” of pre-order: a PlayStation VR Launch Bundle pricing at $499.99, which begins today; and a PlayStation VR core that’s at $399.99 (without the PS moves controller and camera) – which will have its pre-order available later this week March 29, also at 7AM PST.


The core bundle includes the PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation VR cables, Stereo Headphones, PlayStation VR Demo Disc. Tossing in the launch bundle gets you the PlayStation Camera, 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers, and finally the PlayStation VR Worlds disc.


Currently, Walmart, GameStop (edit: sold out), and Best Buy are all taking pre-orders for their respective “first wave” allocation (a second wave will be made available this summer). Our best guess is that Amazon simply was allocated less units (or there are just that many more people that prefer to order from Amazon vs. elsewhere). Given its reception, we don’t except the first wave to hold out for long at any retailers. A good thing for Sony and a VR enthusiasts.


In terms of a “deals” perspective, we recommend ordering from Walmart vs. GameStop. Why? Because GameStop is charging a silly $10 handling fee for the PlayStation VR pre-order, in addition to the list price. No such handling fee exist at other retailers.


Update: Looks like the $10 handling fee at GameStop may have been a mistake and has been removed from the PlayStation VR pre-order page.

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