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Pre-Order PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted, Get Free Platinum Headset



Update: No surprises here, the deal has sold out online.


In a surprising aggressive move by Best Buy, for a limited time if you pre-order the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted 4 Bundle, you’ll also receive the upcoming brand new Sony Platinum Wireless Headset for free. That’s a giant $150 bonus for a $300 system. The deal is so good, we had to do a double take to check for legitimacy. Alas, it looks like its solid as the freebie is listed clearly in the SKU title.


For those unfamiliar with the Platinum Wireless Headset, it was announced a few days ago along with the two new PS4s. Priced at $159 in the US (£129,  €179, and ¥18,000 respectively) – this is a “high-end” gaming headset that grants you rich and immersive audio. Sporting 7.1 virtual surround sound from Sony’s proprietary 3D audio tech, its a far cry from the crappy bundled in headset from the original PlayStation 4. More details on the headset can also be found here.


When the PS4 Slim was announced last week, quite a few people were wondering what the point of a Slim would be given the Pro is following suit in just a few months (albeit at a $100 increase in price tag). It seems likely Best Buy was seeing some sort of pre-order purchasing trend, thereby they decided to add a bit of extra incentive.


If you’re undecided on the PlayStation 4 Slim, or just wasn’t sure if you were going to buy the Xbox One S or PS4 Slim, this extra $159 value carrot is a nice bonus indeed. Most gamers should be able to pawn off the headset for a reasonable price on eBay etc., granting you capital to pick up extra games or an extra controller.


No known expiration date is listed from Best Buy on this deal – but we suspect it won’t last long given how great the deal is.

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