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PS4 Slim 1TB Final Fantasy XV Bundle Exclusive to GameStop



Tomorrow marks the release of the PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console, but if you’re a huge Final Fantasy fan there’s good reason to wait a little bit longer on tomorrow’s console release and save up for a “better” unit. A new 1TB Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition console bundle became available for pre-order at GameStop.


The new PS4 1TB Final Fantasy console releases on November 29 – the same day as Final Fantasy XV launches. Unlike the trend in console bundles these days, you actually get a physical copy of Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition which has a fancy Steelbook Case, a ton of in-game DLC, and a Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy Blu-ray movie.


The physical game included may have something to do with this bundle being exclusive to GameStop in the US or EB Games in Canada, who generally get you physical games over digital in console bundles. Heck, their entire business lives and dies on pre-owned so how else are you going to trade your game in.


This makes yet another PS4 console bundle option if you were thinking of picking up one this fall, but alternatively prices are falling on the older still-in-stock PS4 consoles. Today on eBay Deals the Black Ops 3 Bundle dropped to $280 and a new conditioned PS4 console is selling for as low as $260 (cheapest in brand new condition). Otherwise Groupon has coupon code FIRST for newly created accounts dropping the old Black Ops 3 bundle to $269.99 – its lowest price to date.


PlayStation 4 Console Bundles


Console Title Price Release
PS4 Slim 1TB Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition Bundle $449.99 11/29/16
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console $399.99 11/10/16
PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted 4 500GB $299.99 9/15/16
PS4 Black Ops 3 Bundle (eBay Deals) $279.99 available
PS4 Black Ops 3 Bundle (Groupon) Use Code: FIRST $269.99 available
PS4 500GB Console (eBay Deals) $259.99 available


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