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PSA: Nintendo Switch Users Beware of Condensation Drops

Nintendo Switch Condensation

The Nintendo Support Japanese Twitter account shared an important piece of information relating to the maintenance of the Nintendo Switch console. Players need to be mindful of sudden changes of temperature in their surroundings while using a Switch, in order to prevent condensation from forming inside their system. Nintendo explained the course of action that users need to undertake in order to keep problems to a minimum.

In the case of users suspecting of the formation of condensation inside a Nintendo Switch unit, the course of action advised by Nintendo is to immediately turn off the console completely. This must not be confused with sleep mode, which only requires a quick press of the power button. To completely turn off power on a Switch console, users must keep the power button pressed for 3 seconds and select the option after the power menu appears on screen.

On the off chance that power cannot be turned off normally, all that needs to be done to turn the power off is to keep the power button pressed for 12 seconds. The console will shut off completely. After doing that, users should place the console in a warm and dry location until the water droplets dry completely.

Finding a replacement Switch console can be very difficult, given the recent chip shortage. Fortunately, Nintendo recently announced that the console shortage will be coming to an end in 2023.

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