Rage of the Dragons IP Acquired By PIKO Interactive

Rage of the Dragons

Publisher PIKO Interactive announced that it has acquired the rights to Rage of the Dragons, a fighting game developed for the Neo Geo arcade platform by Playmore. The game was co-developed by Noise Factory and Brezzasoft in Japan, and the game design was created by the Mexican studio Evoga, making this game a joint production across countries.

There’s a bit of interesting history behind the game. It was originally meant to be a Double Dragon series fighting game sequel, but due to licensing issues, it was turned into a homage instead. Later on, several characters from this game would end up as guest characters in the arcade version of Matrimelee, another game by Noise Factory. The game is something of a cult classic in the fighting game community.

Aside from the acquisition, PIKO Interactive announced that it also has plans for the game. As PIKO is a publisher that mainly focuses on acquiring IPs of retro games for re-distribution, it’s likely that a digital re-release may be in the works. For example, PIKO Interactive is behind the licensing of Eliminator Boat Duel for the Nintendo Switch Online NES digital rerelease.

Rage of the Dragons originally released for arcades in 2003, and PIKO Interactive is “working on plans for the game”.

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