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Refurbished Nintendo 3DS XL On Sale Again from Nintendo



If you’re wondering how much a refurbished Nintendo 3DS XL is going for these days, wonder no more. Now on Nintendo’s various shop they are selling units for $115 + $5 shipping. To save further on shipping, this week three units showed up on Nintendo’s eBay outlet store page where instead you’ll receive the same $115 price tag but with free shipping.


Of note in this refurbished 3DS XL sale is that Nintendo’s eBay store is now selling the New Super Mario Bros 2 Limited Edition 3DS XL for $115 with free shipping. The same model is surprisingly missing from Nintendo Shop and its the first time we’ve seen this unit on sale for so cheap. All models listed below are at their new historic low price (for refurbished units anyways). If you don’t really care about brand new in the box type of purchase, these may be a good option given they’re straight from Nintendo and carry with them a full year warranty.



Nintendo’s eBay 3DS XL Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
New Super Mario Bros 2 Limited Edition 3DS XL (Refurb) $199.99 42% $115
Blue Nintendo 3DS XL (Refurb) $174.99 34% $115
Red Nintendo 3DS XL (Refurb) $174.99 34% $115


Nintendo’s Store 3DS XL Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Black Nintendo 3DS XL (Refurb) $174.99 31% $115 + $5 ship
Nintendo 3DS XL: Mario & Luigi Edition (Refurb) $199.99 40% $115 + $5 ship
Nintendo 3DS XL: Super Smash Bros (Refurb) $199.99 40% $115 + $5 ship


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